‘Goosebumps’ Releases a Trailer, I Have Book Cover Related Post-Traumatic Stress

I remember fondly back on the elementary school days when my class was let loose on the library, everyone would b-line for the Goosebumps section while I peaced the f out of there because just looking at the cover of a book was enough to make me want to pee my pants.

After Goosebumps dared fans to unlock the official Goosebumps movie trailer Tuesday, fans made quick work of using the #UnlockGoosebumps hashtag in a brilliant movie marketing scheme. These people know their demographic, the other non-pants-peeing 90’s kids who now hold movie-money spending power.

Jack Black plays Goosebumps writer, R. L. Stine, who is ultra protective of his manuscript collection because as it turns out, his monsters live there and all 62 are very, very real; 7 year old me is peeing her pants. The trailer gives off a very Jumanji feel with manuscript-monsters releasing their havoc over town with R. L. Stine, his niece Hannah, and their new friends trying to save the day. Seems like a solid meta adaption of a 62 book series.

While this movie is obviously heavily marketed to those who grew up reading the book series, the trailer shows off that it will be a solid mix of silly/scary and still friendly for kids… like the book series was if you weren’t a “total pussy” as I am still called when it comes to watching scary movies. Nostalgia (for people who weren’t terrified of the image below) coming to theaters this October.

(fig. 1 F no was 7-year old Lindsay going to even come within a 3 foot radius of that book.)

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