Iggy Azalea Forgot That She’s a One Hit Wonder

Recently, Iggy Azalea shaded Britney Spears and blamed her for their song, “Pretty Girls”, flopping harder than a fat kid off the high dive. Turns out one hit song made Azalea think she actually matters.

When it came to filming the video, Azalea acted like a diva. Surprise, surprise.

“Iggy was difficult with respect to direction of [the] video. ­Everyone just got fed up and didn’t want to deal with it. Britney, being a veteran artist, was tired of arguing,” the source tells Us, noting that Spears decided to do the track after Azalea’s team introduced her to it.

A second source notes: “‘Pretty Girls’ was Britney’s song and video but Iggy totally took it over as if it was hers. Iggy ordered everyone — including Britney — around as if she was directing the video.”

Dude, even “Fancy” didn’t work because of you, Iggy. It was Charli XCX who sang the hook. She saved that song from your horrible “rapping”. And “rapping” is used quite generously here.

Azalea extended her diva behavior not just to the video, but elsewhere.

The second insider adds that Azalea, who’s just featured on the song, also decided on the single’s artwork. (The first source says that the artwork was “mutually agreed upon” but the rapper wanted RCA to re-release it to show that it’s a collaboration.)

In addition, the second source says that Azalea told Spears, 33, what they should wear during their Billboard Music Awards performance on May 17. “Britney is such a fan that she listened to everything Iggy said,” the second insider says.

Someone should’ve just put a finger to Iggy’s lips when she started giving orders and said, “Aww, isn’t that cute. It’s like you think you’re important”.

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