Iggy Azalea Not Leaving Britney Spears Alone, Blames Her for ‘Pretty Girls’ Failure

Perhaps it’s because there’s no melody and it’s mostly just Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears talk-singing, but it’s a surprise to me that their song “Pretty Girls” bombed since it’s a 90% repetitive chorus. Regardless, their poor attempt at slam poetry failed and Iggy is throwing blame to Britney like she held Azalea at gun point to collaborate for the joint venture.

“[I]t’s difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and tv performances etc. unfortunately i’m just featured…” Azalea tweeted, clearly throwing blame Spears’ way. This only prompted Spears’ fans (probably Chris Crocker) to run to her defense.

Leave Brittany Alone

Azalea decided she needed to clarify, in hindsight she and Britney should have given more performances of the song! Britney is her “good friend!” It only took The Pop Zone to cover the story for Azalea to come out with this wonder:

You just keep digging that hole deeper, don’t cha, Iggy. Britney has not directly responded to the lack of ass sucking, but did tweet out a response with #YouWantAPieceOfMe, a lyric that predates hashtags, so it’s kind of like pound-sign-YouWantAPieceOfMe.

Frankly, I’m still confused by how this isn’t popular. It has misguided girl power, stupid sorority girl summer anthem status, Samsung product placement, horrifically bad acting, and a stupid plot. If nothing else, how is this video not popular for being this bad?! How can you even accuse Brittany of not pulling her weight? She flaunted her stomach as I’m assuming is contractually obligated for every one of her appearances in public and she did about equivalent dancing to singing. Sweet jesus Iggy, you may have spent too much time “acting” and not enough time writing a song the radio could replay every hour until we are Stockholm Syndromed into liking it.

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