In Case You Don’t Remember, These Are Miley Cyrus’ Naked Breasts

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Miley Cyrus whip out her ta-ta’s. Do people still call them that? Or do they call they tittaes. Anyway, Cyrus took to Instagram and shed her top except for two well-placed stars. If you want to get past the censors Miley, I have two hands you can use. And when I spread my fingers, they’re just like stars. Pointy, bony, clammy stars.

When not publicly fingering her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, Cyrus supposedly has been making new music. Another Instagram promised “break the Internet 💖💖💖💖 good $hit coming soon”. Do we take that as Cyrus planning on having a really awesome bowel movement soon? “Song, what song? No song yet, but damn, check this out, that must be a footlong dump!”

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8 years ago

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

Nice! Boink!!!