Is Jon Stewart Returning to Stand-Up?

Now that Jon Stewart’s run as The Daily Show host comes to an end, everybody’s all like, hey, how are you gonna pay the bills. Stewart will usually respond by grabbing his dick and saying “Wit deez nuts!” Yesterday though, he showed up at the Comedy Cellar in New York and did a ten minute routine. Also on hand was an unannounced set by alleged sexual assault artist, Louis C.K.

Sounds like Stewart has an itch (non-STD related):

“It’s been 20 years!” Stewart reportedly said from the stage, though club owner Noam Dworman subsequently claimed it had been more like 10. When Stewart got off the stage after about 10 minutes of jokes, he could be heard saying, “I could do this again.”

Before the show, C.K. and Stewart chatted presumably how to stay busy in the entertainment world.

Oh, what a night.

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