It’s Alicia Vikander in a Bikini, You Know, Ava from ‘Ex Machina’

It wasn’t until I looked up Alicia Vikander did I know who she was. Ava! That hot A.I. robot from Ex Machina. Can NOT wait until they make A.I. plastic f**k dolls. Not for my pleasure of course. No, it’s for those basement dwellers pecking on their keyboards at night playing W.o.W. Vikander stars in the upcoming untitled Bourne sequel with Matt Damon. She’s only 26, so she could be a star, or end up being the next Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich, another European like Vikander, starred as a lab creation inĀ The Fifth Element. So, another robot-esque type role, just like Ava. Jovovich got a lot of press at the time and was a bit of an It girl at the time. Now, she’s another working actress making one movie per year. Good luck Vikander, you’ll need it.

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