Jared of Subway Sandwich Fame Home Searched, Possible Ties to Child Pornography

Is this why Jared kept advertising footlongs? Police detained Jared Fogle, the dude who lost a bunch of weight eating Subway sandwiches (and probably downed a football field worth of chemicals), outside his home in Zionsville, Indiana. The search tied into a child pornography investigation of Russell Taylor, executive director of Fogle’s The Jared Foundation. From the Indy Star:

Investigators from the FBI, Indiana State Police and Postal Service arrived at Fogle’s large, brick home in 4500 block of Woods Edge Drive early Tuesday and parked an evidence truck in the driveway.

In the early hours of the probe, Fogle was seen leaving the truck, and investigators carried electronics and other items out of Fogle’s home.

Is Subway a front for Eastern Europe pornography? Police had arrested Taylor a couple of months ago and found child porn galore in his house.

The officers who searched Taylor’s home reported recovering a thumb drive that contained multiple videos of child pornography, including what police described as “commercially made child pornography from Eastern Europe similar to that seized on other investigations.” The detective leading the probe noted an examination of that thumb drive “revealed a document file with Taylor’s employer listed in the file name.”

Taylor tried to commit suicide after his arrest, and why wouldn’t he. That guy’s ass is gonna look like a meat grinder pretty soon. Especially when the inmates read about his interests:

Over 400 videos of child pornography were found on computers and storage media [in Taylor’s home].

It added many of those images appeared to have been made in bedrooms and bathrooms at Taylor’s former and current homes. “Many of these videos showed the exposed genitals or pubic area of the children” – both boys and girls – and that the “minors did not appear to be aware that they were being filmed,” according to the court record.

The court documents also said Taylor had an interest in bestiality and shared images with an unnamed person involving a “dog licking the nude genital area of an adult female.” Taylor has not been charged with any crimes related to that video or alleged bestiality.

That’s messed up. Not the child porn, that’s sick. But bestiality? C’mon. Didn’t the gays just get the right to marry? Loosen up America!

Fogle shot to fame advertising how he lost a bunch of weight eating nothing but Subway. Basically, a fat ass became less fat assier. And surprise! You mean the secret was eating (sort of) healthy? As healthy as you can get with Subway. That bread probably sticks to the inside of your colon like ticks burrowing into your skin.

Time for Subway to change their slogan: “Eat fresh. And no, we don’t support child porn.”

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