Johnny Depp Dresses Like Jack Sparrow Again, Feeds Adorable Baby Bat

Surprise, Disney is making the nth sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean, allegedly trying to keep up with how many Now, That’s What I Call Music!‘s have been made. (There are 55, but only 6 Pirates currently in the works; step up Disney.)

That’s not the news though. In his attempt to go everywhere dressed as Jack Sparrow under the guise of doing it for kids, Johnny Depp went to an Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center to cheer up the bats? I guess? I just imagine him Mark Wahlberging to the bats before the Trauma Center employees were like, it might be helpful if you fed them… Or left.

So Depp fed them. Sans the fact he’s in his dirty Jack Sparrow get up, that I totally didn’t have a middle school crush on, it’s pretty adorable. (Yeah, a decade later I appreciate hygiene a little more, thanks adulthood.)

The bat in this video is named Jackie Sparrow, obviously by an employee that’s very bad at identifying different animals. Little Jackie Sparrow didn’t even seem to mind big Jack Sparrow’s obvious lack of hygiene and obvious lack of real middle finger. Something tells me that had to do with feeding, but why would there be a drawn finger on over the top, is that a necessary thing? Who took the time to make that and make it… somewhat realistic.

But let’s stop and look at what’s important here, an adorable Jackie the baby bat swaddled in an itty bitty green blanket having a little snack from Johnny Depp looking like an idiot who is trying to make Pirates of the Caribbean a thing nearly a decade later.

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Willy Billy
Willy Billy
6 years ago

Pirates 4 made a billion dollars in 2011 so Pirates of the Caribbean is *still* a thing.

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