Kate Mara Posed Topless Because That’s What Good Actresses Do

Kate Mara took off her top because that helps get her point across. She did an interview with Esquire magazine about being picky with the directors she works with.

“I think I’ve become more aware of whom I’m going to spend three months of my life with,” she says. “Why do I want to have that experience with that person? And what will it give me? Will it help me grow? I’ve started actually making a list of directors that I’m excited about—and now I’m not just waiting for them to have a movie but maybe creating one myself.”

What a luxury to have. She’s not A-list and already choosing her directors. Not hard to do when your grandparents own the NFL’s New York Giants. She also chooses when she works.

She once said that her contract stipulates she cannot work during the Super Bowl—”People love that”—but she clarifies that it’s an issue only if she’s shooting in February.

Another struggling actress. From a wealthy, upper class background. A fairy tale come to life. Kudos to her though, she got The Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four. Plus, she snagged a part in The Martian with Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott. And she’s topless in a men’s magazine. Isn’t this every girl’s dream growing up?

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