Kate Upton Threw Her Bare Ass Up on Instagram Because Attention, That’s Why

No one’s been talking about Kate Upton lately. She got passed up by Charlotte McKinney and maybe even this Lindsey Pelas who just won’t stop posting pics of her huge genetic lottery tickets. What’s a C-list celeb to do? Use Instagram for some slight nudity of course.

This supposedly is an outtake from a photoshoot this past weekend. By photoshoot, we mean inviting a photographer friend over for some free snaps in exchange for a shoutout. Or a pervy glance at her ass. We all know what Upton looks like, and more, but Upton wanted to keep it classy and get more press. Well played, Upton. You know the game well.

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007snipes .
007snipes .
8 years ago

Yeah sorry Kate people are no longer brainwashed and blind lol

8 years ago

What a fatass- useless- overrated POS