Khloe Kardashian Dating Another Sports Star, James Harden

Well Khloe is back in her prime dating pool, sportsball players of the basketball variety. She’s dating MVP candidate and Houston Rockets star James Harden.

This news comes after relentless tabloid rumors that Khloe was trying to get back together with her estranged husband and also, at one point, NBA star, Lamar Odom. Apparently Khloe had an “oh my god this is just like my ex” meltdown during Kanye’s basketball-themed birthday party (which I refuse to look up pictures of because in my mind it looked like the picture below).

Mostly I’m confused how Khloe hasn’t had a daily meltdown since basketball is, you know, pretty ubiquitous in the US. That and the NBA is filled with men that love you so I can only assume you’re constantly being courted (haha get it?) by tall muscle-y players; uhhh, best way to get over a bad relationship ever.

The duo were spotted coupling up at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas for the 4th of July doing more Kardashian-normal things, i.e. hanging out at a Zedd DJ set. Bets on if this relationship will be longer or shorter than a Kimmy K and Kris Humphries marriage? Remember he was also in the NBA, which is really just Kardashian Tinder.

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