Lee Daniels, ‘Empire’ Creator, Doesn’t Take Emmys Snub Too Well

Empire broke through as a surprise hit. Well, if you were white. According to some critics, Hollywood always seems surprised when a predominantly black show does well. Newsflash: black people NOW HAVE TVS! Amazing. You mean minorities like to be entertained also? Well f**k me with a pitchfork. When Hollywood heard the pitch for Empire, they probably thought…”Black?…People?”

Well, the Emmy nominations came out and Empire got facepalmed. Taraji P. Henson earned one for best actress, but then Empire only got two more for costume categories. Costumes. That’s basically like getting ‘most improved’ or ‘best effort’ in middle school. “SInce we have to give awards to everyone now, here’s one for being alive. Now run along.”

Creator Lee Daniels didn’t appreciate the lack of love. His ‘Black Dynasty’ as he calls it deserved more. So, Daniels went on Instagram and gave the Emmys some real talk. First he captioned his Insta with “#canfinallypostthis #timetoberealagain #emmyniceguyoverwith @jussiesmollett 😂”. With Empire actor Jussie Smollet by his side trying to stop him, Daniels went ahead and barked “F**k these motherfuckers!”.

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Black dude
Black dude
8 years ago

As a Black man whom watches network tv I’ll say that show didn’t even deserve the emmy nods it got…quit sucking up to us black folk writer

8 years ago

Lee Daniels makes brilliant comedies. His movies and TV shows are about as over the top absurd as Sharknado. The problem is he thinks they are dramas! What a fool.