Meek Mill Outs Drake for Using Ghostwriter, Complains Like a Schoolgirl

In an industry where ghostwriting is pretty common, Meek Mill is not having it. In case you missed it, he went HAM on Drake last night on Twitter for not writing his verse in his featured verse of Meek’s track, “R.I.C.C.O.” Lucky for you, tonight I will comment on his tweets and in some cases, decipher them for you because Mill really digs on that double negative, yaknowhadImean?

Ah the spark that fueled the fire. Ah the four dot ellipses. Apparently “doesn’t” was too many characters and if you spoke that last sentence 15 years ago, you would have been hospitalized for a stroke.

Translation: The rest of us rappers know of Drake’s shenanigans but they are scared to come out with the truth. Something something something, he can’t believe they act like they aren’t privy to the truth? I think?

Dear Mr. Mill, ellipses have three dots; you just gave your sentence a caterpillar…… Lol

“Capitals don’t matter, neither does full spelling, and I have no regard for an ellipses length!”

Yeah, honestly I don’t know other than perhaps homeboy thinks people can’t stop him from dropping some mad truth?



Really, it takes more than 140 characters to say this? Could you have not used less periods in your ellipses orrrr just not pointlessly used one at all? Also, you let “cornball gimmicks” into the end tweet extender part of the tweet!? You are crazy, Meek, crazy.

Now why oh why is Meek deciding to now bring up trouble with Drake? Apparently, Drake found out Meek knew he didn’t write his verse, so Drake refused to promote the album on Twitter to his 24 million followers. I didn’t know rappers had high school girl level drama, have they been hanging out with Taylor Swift?

OR is it something else? Could it be Meek is upset that his illusion of reality is crushed after realizing that rappers have been using ghostwriters for generations as he slaves away over every line? Is he upset that his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, may harbor feelings for Drake? Did Drake steal Meeks meaningful album artwork? Probably the eff not. My guess? Continue taking this at the face value: Rich adult-children feuding over being the most legit and making less insane amounts of money. My sympathies, Meek Mill.

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