Mexico Made Elsa Hosk Cover Up Her Breasts

GQ Mexico that is. We want to see good ol’ American breasts. U-S-A. U-…awww…whatever. She’s actually from Sweden and she’ll be naked soon enough. Hosk is hot, but dang, skinny as hell.

All skin and bones. Probably get a paper cut from going down on her. Hosk seems pretty progressive. While in New York City promoting an event for the ten newest Victoria’s Secret Angels, Daily Mail UK asked her thoughts on a plus-size Angel.

‘We don’t know,’ Elsa added when asked whether she expects to see a plus-size Angel strutting her stuff on the runway sometime soon. ‘I really hope so.’

Elsa went on to say “And if they do add a fatter Angel, I’ll look even skinnier. You know how there’s always that one less than attractive girl in the group?”

Hosk had more to say:

…And when it comes to the perfect body, the Swedish beauty said it is the one ‘you are born with’, noting that she eats ‘anything and everything’ she wants.

Elsa added, however, that despite her – and many of the other models’ – passion for food, there is still a misconception that Victoria’s Secret models don’t eat.

Nah, the perfect body isn’t the one you’re born with, Elsa. You just think that because you happened to be born with the perfect body. Tubby girls ain’t feeling you.

Hosk also rides a huge palm tree in one of the magazine pics. So phallic.

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