No, It’s OK Cara Santana, Don’t Turn Around

Everyone and their mother have descended on Miami. That means hot women in bikinis. Celebs in bikinis. And thousands of erections poking out of the beach like sticks in the sand. Ever wonder how even C-list, D-list celebs can spend their days lounging at the beach. It’s like they don’t need to work at all. Granted, this is one shot of one day out of someone’s life, but c’mon. HUSTLE!

Get your hustle on. Santana stars in Salem, which WGN America shows. WGN America. If you know what that is, you need to get a job. Santana needs to get on the USA Network at least. It’s like they say. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land on a third tier cable network.

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