Norman Reedus — ‘Burn the DMV’ If Daryl of ‘The Walking Dead’ Ever Dies

Most fans write letters, Friday Night Lights fans sent in lightbulbs, Norman Reedus wants fans to riot if his character Daryl dies in The Walking Dead.

To be fair, the fans started it and through all the “If _____ Dies, We Riot,” memes, “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” blew up big enough on the Internet to be a Hot Topic shirt along with all the other “pop culture” tees. Yes that is a category at the counter-culture store. It even has Disney-licensed tees.

Reedus talked to Comic Book Resources and agreed that he enjoys the idea of fans standing up for him and that he “likes a good riot.”

“I remember the LA riots, and I was like, ‘Why don’t we get the DMV? Let’s take down the DMV. Why are we taking down this store? Who needs a TV? Let’s burn the DMV!’”

When asked if he prefer his fans specifically riot at the DMV, Reedus responded, “Just go straight to the DMV, yeah. Take out all your anger at the DMV.”

Easiest place to take out anger ever. Basically, if Daryl dies, he will at least have the whole driving world fighting for him. I can personally account I have been fighting for his possible death for years as I’m sure the rest of humanity has. Additionally, how wonderful is it going to be if he dies and all the DMVs get taken down… wait, yeah I’m into his character falling prey to the Walkers.

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