Parents Ground Daughter to Tent in the Woods After She Eats Forbidden Pop-Tart

Some children can’t learn to listen, some adults can’t learn to not break child endangerment laws.

James and Crystal Driggers decided the best punishment for their 14-year-old daughter disobediently eating a Pop-Tart would be to ban her to the woods for a week. Apparently, they are REALLY getting into this anti-sugar stuff.

The mid-thirties couple armed their daughter with a tent, a flashlight, a roll of toilet paper, a whistle, and a watch so, basically less than you’d get in prison. I’m not really sure why they gave her the whistle because I really don’t get the feeling they’d show up if they heard it blow.

I’m sure you’re assuming they let her out there without food, and you’re right! But don’t worry they didn’t plan to force her to scavenge her own food in the wild, she just had to meet someone at a designated fence spot at specific times to get food – so basically a more rural prison.

After enduring severe storms on her first night in the woods and just living in the woods normal style, the girl was found two days into her punishment by authorities.

With parenting so bad, it almost seems a reasonable punishment when you realize this girl will probably never be able to eat a Pop-Tart again, unless she goes through some really invasive therapy.

The parents have been arrested and charged with child neglect.

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8 years ago


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