Rosie Mac, Daenerys’ Body Double, Goes Topless in Her Bathtub

Britain’s Rosie Mac filled in for Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones and since then she’s blowing up. She’s somewhere between a body double and stunt double. It’s unclear. What’s clear though is don’t take your eyes off of her. She dances, she models, she wears a ton of bikinis (and looks good doing it). She’ll also never date you. So, in that respect, she’s like every girl you run across.

She Instagrammed a topless pic of her in the bathtub, and showed off a bit of 18-year old sideboob. Her caption: “#BathTime for me after a super long hard day !” I’ll show HER a super long hard, umm…day. Blogging. It’s quite tough actually. Someone send us some brownies. We’re a hungry bunch.

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