Sarah O’Connor Tweets About Robot Killing Man, Has Never Seen ‘Terminator’

Oh god, Sarah (O’)Connor is a real person and she’s going to be leading us in the robot revolution.

Yesterday, Financial Times employment correspondent, Sarah O’Connor, tweeted out that a robot had killed a human being. It sparked Terminator fans to spot the coincidence and start preparing a robot revolution…and start tweeting Terminator references at O’Connor who has never seen the original film.

In real life, a German Volkswagen plant had one of its robots’ manipulator grab a maintenance worker and inflict fatal injuries by throwing him against a metal slab.

The tweet sparked fans to point out that in the Terminator robots began killing on accident before they turned to premeditated killings and soon under control of “Skynet”, artificial intelligence program robots will be taking over the earth out of human control.

Unfortunately, this reaction was lost on Sarah O’Connor who first admitted she didn’t know what Skynet is and then that she had never seen the Terminator films.

While it was just a twist of fate, Sarah (O’)Connor sent out the tweet, Clearly she is wrong, this is clearly not “boring stuff.”

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