Super Hot Spearfishing Woman Ain’t Got Time for the Haters

You know who has it the hardest? This proportionally perfect, freaking goddess of a spearfisher/hedge fund worker, Valentine Thomas, who sometimes gets hate on social media. Dear Valentine, let me introduce you to a little group of people called young gays, and if you’re looking for something more vain: teens with acne. I’m not saying I support any sort of online bullying, I’m just saying if you get sad at least you can look in a mirror and remember you work for a GD hedge fund.

Thomas, 28-year-old French Canadian living in London, likes to document her spearfishing catches (along with her barely covered donk) on Instagram.  “People call me a killer,” she told Daily Mail. “I face sexism, I face a lot of hate, but I have also had marriage proposals.” Yet again not to diminish the sexism women do face online but, you hashtag the crap out of your photos, you have a body that somehow adheres to modern beauty standards and you show that puppy off.

Happy Wahoo Wednesday! #WW

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Thomas has been spearfishing since taking a diving course in Egypt in 2010. She likes the opportunity to catch her own food, “I like everything – even cleaning the fish afterwards. We are really involved in sea preservation. We never kill anything we won’t eat.”

Though she does face the regular online haters, you know sexism, hate, and marriage proposals, she also has the haters who call her a killer aka people who somehow don’t understand how fish gets to their local store and PETA members with nothing better to do with their time.

‘I shoot them in the brain and they die immediately. I’m very respectful of everything I do… People get really angry, they get upset because they are not used to seeing where their food comes from. Everyone turns a blind eye to what they are eating and I put the reality in front of them.’

In one of the pictures of gutting her fish, a Facebook user described her as Jack the Ripper to which I have to say, have you ever heard of a French Canadian serial killer? Let the English have their own thing, thanks.

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