The Rock Just Showed Why He’s a Total Badass

The Rock’s taking his action hero status really seriously. He’s currently filming Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and suffered some sort of mishap.

He Instagrammed a video where he says “I ain’t got time to bleed..” Then pans down to his finger and wow,  that thing is pointing the wrong way. The Rock nonchalantly smiles and says “Let’s pop this son of a bitch back in.” Bad. Ass.

If it was me, I’d have fainted before I finished typing this sentence. Of course, it’s hard to break your finger like the Rock did while writing. Unless you slam your hand against the keyboard too hard during masturbation breaks.

Update: Variety confirms the broken finger is fake and “it’s a prosthetic hand that’s seemingly broken.” Turns out The Rock pranked us. It also turns out The Rock is back to being a pussy.

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8 years ago

If you look closely, it looks like his fist is clenched and he’s wearing a prosthetic fake broken finger. Also the finger looks kinda plastic-y