‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Trailer Released and Oh Hey, Zombies

Comic-Con is the time when studios give fanboys and fangirls a heart attack and a hard-on at the same time. Yes, even the fangirls. Their cosplay penises. The Walking Dead trailer got a showing at Comic-Con and it looks like it pits Morgan versus Rick. Of course, some would disagree and say that it’s just the directors using editing to produce ultimately non-existent tension between the two. Whatever happens in season six, for now this trailer makes it look like Rick’s up to no good. Deanna also looks like she’s trying to get the community to accept Morgan as their leader against Rick.

Interspersed are shots of zombies getting their heads sliced and blown off. Headshot! How’d you love to be a Hollywood actor brought in to read for a part on the show? Calling all your friends after you get the part and they ask, who do you play? Umm…a zombie who gets his head lopped off by a machete. Congratulations? Glad you left Louisiana to chase your dreams.

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