There’s Amazing and Then There’s Anastasia Ashley’s Surfer Butt

If all surfer girls look like Anastasia Ashley, then we should never leave the shore. This girl…Is it creepy to fawn too much? Seriously, name someone who wouldn’t stare at Ashley’s butt all day. That person is either blind or retarded. Her butt is like a blast of sunshine served on a pile of marshmallows. If there’s a surfer’s federation, all they’d have to do is put her ass on a billboard and say “Why you should surf” to get more people to surf.

She puts a ton of ass shots on her Instagram and let’s just say you’re an idiot if you don’t follow her. If you catch our drift.

Que pasa Dominican?

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Woke up in Florida!!! #bts w/ @joeywrightphoto

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Beach on fleek

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8 years ago


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