Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom — They’re Pregnant and Divorced!

Yeah, if you were waiting for divorce news, surprise! Double news! The divorce is recently finalized annnnd they’re expecting! My worthless two cents? Yeah, that seems about right.

Apparently, the conception occurred during Lamar Odom’s rekindling of a flame, which to me sounds like maybe someone was horny and looking for consistent sex (Khloe Kardashian), no shame in that! He apparently texted her asking if he still had a chance with her.

A source spoke with OK!, as sources tend to do, and divulged “He wrote that he loved her and asked if there was any way she could ever forgive him after everything he’s put her through. She didn’t say yes off the bat, but she told him she was willing to give him a chance.” That chance seemed to be multiple trips to see him in Vegas during her relationship (? err dating?) James Harden.

Surprisingly, being pregnant was not her intention, but apparently friends are saying she couldn’t be happier. She has been trying for a while and disheartened by baby machine Kourtney; ask and ye shall receive, Khloe! Now how does she know the baby belongs to Lamar? Oh totally because she wasn’t sleeping with James Harden during that time.

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