Turns Out UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer’s Husband Wants to Murder People

Now’s about the time UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer realizes she should date bloggers. TMZ uncovered documents that show Palmer and husband, Aaron Zalewski, love roughhousing. Well, Maybe just Zalewski. He also likes choking Palmer, throwing her against bedposts and being an all-around shitty guy.

Back on June 11th, Palmer and Zalewski got into huge brawl. Evidently, Zalewski heard Palmer’s agent call her “babe” on the phone which set him off. That and the steroids.

In docs obtained by TMZ Sports … LAPD says things got physical when they wrestled for her phone — Zalewski noticed she was recording the argument, and during the struggle he threw Palmer, and she hit her head on a bedpost.

Brittney told cops Zalewski yelled, “Pack your f**king bags and go!”  — but wouldn’t let her leave. She says he threw her down again — pinning her face down on a mattress, with his knee in her back. She says she struggled to breathe for 2 minutes while he held her down.

Knee to the back eh. He didn’t go for the guillotine. His jiu-jitsu needs work. Zalewski also sounds really melodramatic.

Brittney says during the fight Zalewski scratched his own arms and yelled … “Why are you making me do this? I just wanted you to love me.”

Waaah. I just want you to loooove me. Why won’t you love me? Is it because I punch you? Because I can change. By kicking you.

LAPD booked Zalewski the next day for attempted murder, spousal battery and criminal threats. He made the $1m bail and is now looking for a rematch with Palmer.

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8 years ago


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