View The Most Magical Live News Photobomb Ever

News ratings have been dipping dangerously low for years thanks to the Internet usually moving faster than even the 24-hour news channels. Luckily for Sky News in London, some Good Samaritan magicians decided to help out with a new news format to help the channel increase viewership.

Sky News and journalist Ashish Joshi have both confirmed the video never made it to air which begs the question, “WHY?!” If I got all my TV news from a reporter oblivious to various shenanigans going on in the background, I would be so well-informed.

To be fair, it did take me two watches to know the actual news report was about the health care debate. I don’t live in England though, so I had some catching up to do. Plus I just had to see that magic again! Two watches, well worth it and now I’m privy to the NHS health care debate.

The best part for me? The camera operator just lets it happen. Even after a while, the trick is almost over, he decided to get a tighter shot and somehow, probably through magic, the duo is able to still blindly find their place in the shot. It’s almost like he lets them stay there over the tickering lower information just because they found their place so well. You are a hero, camera operator.

The comedy magic duo are known as Young & Strange, comprised of Richard Young and Sam Strange. You fellas, are living up to your wonderfully bestowed surnames, congrats men.

Oh P.S. Reporter Ashish Joshi would like you to know his reports are always magical, so step off.

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