We’re Not Alone. ‘Second Earth’ Discovered

Well, I’ll be damned. Gonna be awesome to meet an alien blogger from another planet. So much to learn, so much to discover. Do aliens type with two hands or three? Do they even type? Maybe they write through telepathy via their alien brains which are plugged into a planet-wide network of brains.

Nasa has announced that it has found an extraordinarily similar planet to Earth orbiting around a distant star.

The planet, Kepler-452b, is described as a larger, older Earth and is located around a star 1,400 light years from Earth.

Fourteen hundred light years. That’s a lot, right around eight thousand TRILLION miles. Can you imagine waiting for the spaceship that’ll take you there? “We’re sorry passengers. Your flight has been delayed for a thousand years.”

It is the first terrestrial planet found in the habitable zone in a star just like our sun. Nasa said it is about 60 percent larger than Earth and lies in the constellation Cygnus.

The planet is so similar to Earth the SETI Institute is now listening out for signals from the star Kepler 452 — though so far it has had no luck.

NASA has found more than 1000 planets before and potentially a couple of thousand more candidates, but “most of those worlds are either much larger than Earth or rotate too closely around their sun to harbour life.” This one though, named “Kepler-452b”, mimics Earth, OUR Earth, so well.

Imagine the NASA scientists looking through their giant telescope and suddenly, a giant eye staring back at them. Then both people (or entities, what would we call new lifeforms?) recoil in surprise.

So much to learn as we find out more about Kepler-452b. Are there Kardashians on this planet? Do lifeforms on Kepler-452b feel extreme disgust at their version of the Kardashians? How do lifeforms take dumps over there?

Maybe we’ll visit the planet and find out it’s just a mirror image of our planet with everyone working at crappy jobs in depressing cubicles. Then we’ll realize space travel and alien lifeforms was all a farce and there’s no meaning to life. But until then, let’s pretend life is awesome.

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