Woman on LSD Flips Car, Strips Naked, Runs Into a Field of Kids

When you do something stupid on LSD, you really have to get your s**t together and act normal for the regular world. After accidentally crashing your car, what is more normal than stripping naked and running towards a field of children? Abigail Ralph doesn’t know.

The 26-year-old New Jersey woman took a little spin in her flashy 2004 Tacoma and decided to do some off-roading. By “decided” I mean, she lost control of her car and by “spin” I mean, the car flipped into an embankment. At this point, Ralph decided the best idea would be to strip off all her clothes and streak into a field of children who just happened to be playing softball at a Christian youth summer camp. Clearly her mistake in normal-ing was to run towards some vacation bible school which is heavily misadvertised as being a vacation.

After bystanders (aka Christian children having the best, and most educational day of VBS ever) caught Ralph and clothed her, authorities took her back to the scene of the crime, where her passenger was still in the flipped car, and arrested Ralph.

While her friend was loaded into an ambulance to deal with face and arm injuries, with the possibility of a concussion, Ralph admitted to officers that she had licked a piece of paper with LSD before the event.

The Highway Patrol officer on the case collected a most lovely detail during his backseat questioning, Ralph wasn’t even aware of the collision.

Ralph is now facing charges of felony DUI resulting in bodily injury, as ¬†well as driving without a valid license… which might explain why her gut reaction was to take off her clothes (“no clothes, they can’t expect me to be carrying an ID!”) and run away from the scene. Curses being meddled by those kids and their softball.

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