Alison Brie Engaged

Someone wifed up Alison Brie. I know guys, I got there too late also. What the hell do I do with these flowers? And this note written in blood.

Brie and future husband, Dave Franco, have been dating since January 2012. Well, congrats to them. Dave Franco is the brother to James Franco, maybe he’s the slightly less weird one. You may know Dave from the movie, Neighbors, with Zac Efron.

Brie keeps her private life so low-key that no one really knows how the two met. They acted on a Funny or Die skit together. Other than that, both haven’t been photographed together too much. That’s some CIA-level s**t going on. Anyway, that’s one less celeb for you to creep on. Oh what, engagement isn’t gonna stop you? I like your conviction.

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