Amy Schumer Takes on Gun Control Better Than a Senator

Welcome to 2015 where comedians are a better source for political discourse than the news. In this edition of Political Knowledge with a Comedian, Amy Schumer talks gun control with her second cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Schumer became an outspoken advocate of gun control after the Louisiana shooting that occurred during a showing of her movie Trainwreck last week, appearing Monday on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart calling for change to end the senseless killings. “The second this happened, you want to act. I wanted to go down there and do whatever I could,” Amy shared during her interview.

Both Amy and her Senator cousin agree that enough is enough and plead, “We can’t just sit back and allow mass shootings to become commonplace… How many breaking news flashes will it take for Congress to act?” The comedian argues, despite what critics usually say, it is possible to stop crazy people from doing crazy things. The two are looking to make “sensible” changes to gun control laws.

The senator proposed a three-pronged plan reported by CBS News.

First, he proposed implementing a “carrot and stick” system to compel states to share information about felons, spousal abusers and the adjudicated mentally ill with the federal government to include in the national background check system. Under Schumer’s proposal, states would get funding for sharing the information, and they would be denied funding if they refused to share the information.

Next, the senator wants the Justice Department to survey all 50 states on their standards for involuntary commitment for the mentally ill and put forward national best practices.

Third, Schumer and Schumer called on Congress to fully fund mental health and substance abuse programs. The senator noted that the Senate is currently considering cutting $159 million in federal funding that helps treat the mentally ill. Implementing those cuts in the wake of the multiple mass shootings that have happened this year is “the equivalent of a shoulder shrug to the victims,” Sen. Schumer said.

First off I would like to point out: yes, that felon, spousal abuser, and adjudicated mentally ill information isn’t a current requirement. Nothing like a casual felony. You can almost hear the resounding whine, “But it’s padding our wallets!” cried by rich Senators who’s ambivalence to anything other than their own needs and inability to feel sympathy for another person or that person’s standard of living, really should have barred them from the career they are currently wallowing in like a pig in mud.

“I’ve thought about these victims each day since the tragedy,” Amy lamented, adding the mentally ill shooter, “shouldn’t have been able to put his hand on a gun in the first place.” She is expecting a backlash for her stance but is proud of what she stands for. In a very ironic situation, she explains in her speech with Sen. Schumer, gun advocates are threatening to kill her, as well as just giving her general hate, apparently trying to prove they aren’t crazy and deserve to have a gun because they wouldn’t murder anyone. Mmmm, logical.

It’s threats like these that have turned the gun control movement into a slow crawl if not created a complete halt. Senator Schumer believes that the movement will increase every day, but unfortunately, it’s the senseless killings that allowits growth.

“No one wants to live in a country where a felon, the mentally ill or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun with such ease,” Amy pointed out during the press conference. Yeah, that includes you, rich dudes that don’t want to pay taxes.

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7 years ago

It sounds like her proposal is more about effectively identifying the dangerous people who aren’t legally allowed to possess a firearm already, which if I’m not mistaken has been pretty much the NRA’s public stance as well; not more useless laws, just actually enforce the ones we already have…

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