Bacon May Lower Sperm Count, Go Ahead and Ignore This News

Here’s some health news men everywhere are going to ignore. Bacon may be lowering your sperm count. LOL like this is news, that freaking food is pure, unadulterated, delicious, fat. It’s not exactly a health food.

A study from the medical journalFertility & Sterility, researched couples using infertility treatments, studying 141 men from 2007 to 2014. They asked men about their typical meat intake.

Through these questions, the study found, meat eating was helpful for pregnancy potency when it came to poultry eaters and is even still totally kosher for those who would eat a large variety of meats. It’s that delicious, processed goodness like sausage and bacon that will just annihilate your baby-making chances. There was a significant 28% less-likeliness to become pregnant difference between the pork gobblers and their meat salad counterparts.

While this study suggests the type of meat consumed can influence fertility, let’s be real and know someone that’s eating a hearty amount of processed meats probably isn’t the picture of health and maybe that’s more of their problem. Then again, do you want to raise a child in a lifestyle that doesn’t include succulent, fatty pork strips?  Just try to imagine their sad, sad childhood, you monster.

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