Ben Affleck Scared of Poverty, ‘Pulling 18-Hour Days’

Ben Affleck learned a valuable lesson. Not that marriage is tough, but that divorce is expensive. Whenever he looks at his bank account now, he’s asking himself, “Was the nanny really worth it?” Prior to the divorce, Affleck’s net worth clocked in at $75 million, while Garner netted roughly $40m. So, Affleck’s getting a huge trim from that account.

But hey, he gained a 28-year old new sex partner. One he’ll tire of in less than a year. Especially now that the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, is running around saying she’s gonna marry Affleck. What a mistake Ou-gold-digger-zounian. #1 rule of the game, pretend it’s no strings attached, that you have zero feelings and let the dude fall for you. Then you trap him for everything he’s worth. This nanny has much to learn.

In the meantime, Affleck’s busting his ass, burying his face in work to rebuild his bank account. Cocaine and therapy are not free.

“He’s telling friends he’s got to rebuild his fortune after this divorce,” an insider tells “He’s thrown himself into his career and he’s pulling 18-hour days right now.”

“Ben is dropping out of the public eye for now until his Batman promo duties start up,” says the source, who adds the star “has been dealing with problems in his marriage for almost five years so he’s still getting used to not having those chains around his neck.”

“He’s happy to accept the blame for the split, but he’s tired of dealing with everything right now and work is his way to escape,” says the source.

Prepare yourself for Alcoholic Batman. That’s the Batman that hasn’t shaved for 4 days, smells like Cheetos and can’t fit into his Batsuit.

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8 years ago

It will be great when nobody pays to see his movies anymore and Ben Affleck’s career tanks further.

8 years ago

Your site sucks a big fat penis.