Ben Affleck’s Nanny Trying to Cash in with Bikini Pics

It must be hard to love in Hollywood. Who knows if the percentage of divorces surpasses those in the ‘civilian’ population. Gwen Stefani got tired of Bush’s music, Blake Shelton couldn’t stand Miranda Lambert’s cheating ways, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith might be done. All these high profile couples can’t make it last. Probably the ones who do are just doing it for ulterior motives.

Wannabe celebs and starstruck people trying to claw their way into the industry entices anyone. Affleck couldn’t keep his hands off his nanny (despite his denials, c’mon, could it not be true even a little bit?) and now, his nanny wants to ride Affleck’s fame (and his dick) to some recognition of her own.

Christine Ouzounian, Affleck’s nanny, recently did a shoot for Star magazine. They were made to look like candid pics taken with a cellphone, but obviously staged. (Celebitchy points out the obvious details). So yea, it’s a photo shoot.

And from what an insider told Star, she’s playing the system.

From Star magazine via Celebitchy:

Wearing a bikini, the sexy 28-year-old was joined by a girlfriend as she lounged in the afternoon sun — and thoughts of Ben weren’t far from her mind, according to an eyewitness.

“Christine was skimming through a number of articles about her and Ben on her phone, and she was even admiring photos of herself taken on the street by the paparazzi,” the eyewitness tells Star exclusively.

“Then she got a phone call from a friend, and the conversation seemed to turn directly to Affleck,” the eyewitness says.

“Christine told her friend, ‘He’s still in Atlanta [where Ben’s three kids have been staying while Jen has been filming Miracles from Heaven there]; I just got a text from him!’”

“At one point while she was talking to her friend on the phone,” the eyewitness adds, “without mentioning Ben by name, Christine said, ‘I didn’t want to go to the Bahamas, but he really wanted me to.’”

“Then she added, ‘He broke up with me…He told me he loved me, but he can’t be with me under these circumstances.’”

“When Christine was done with her phone call, she turned to the girlfriend who was with her by the pool, and they both started laughing. I guess she can’t be too distraught over what’s been happening,” says the eyewitness.

Bet that nanny wasn’t even on the phone with Affleck. Unless Affleck sounds like a dial tone. It’s like when you pretend to get an urgent phone call all so you can avoid that horrible coworker who wants to trap you into conversation.

If it is true, then that’s tacky. Affleck can put the charm on anyone and maybe he duped the nanny. More likely, both Affleck and the nanny realize they can use each other. No one should ever marry in Hollywood, or take any relationship seriously. Just enjoy the free sex.

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