Book Your Flight, Tokyo Has a Giant Anus You Can Squeeze Yourself Into

Japan always has what we didn’t know we needed. This time, they have a giant anus you can nuzzle yourself into to feel like a reverse poop… or you know other things that could happen to be in a butt.

Surprisingly, yet also not surprisingly, the giant play-anus is in an exhibit that allows Japanese children to explore the anatomy of the human body in a fun interactive way. The “Mysterious Great Adventures of the Body” public display is located just outside of Tokyo and put on by TV Tokyo. It will be available for exploration until the end of August.

Honestly, when a giant play anus caught my eye, I was about to throw down money to go participate but Japan is just too far away. Silly me assuming it was probably just an exhibit at the Museum of Sex in NYC. I’m so sad I’ll miss out. Can you please just imagine how freaking wonderful it would be to watch giggling school children squeeze themselves innocently into a giant inflatable ass? It’s exactly a weird, 21st century, Japanese-style Gulliver’s Travels.

Man, I hope there is an US tour of this exhibit… It probably wouldn’t be as warmly welcomed and as sweetly innocent as the Japanese display. Freaking USA you know how to ruin a good time.

(H/T Death and Taxes)

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