Busta Rhymes Arrested for Busting Protein Drink at Gym Employee

Roids! Busta Rhymes and his comically overdeveloped muscles scuffled with a fellow gym goer. It went down at the SteelGym in New York. Rhymes, born Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr., got into it with one of the gym’s employees. Rhymes wanted to bring a cameraman in to record his workout, but the nameless employee wouldn’t let him. Yea, a CAMERMAN. This guy. Let me bring my crew in and take over this gym by videotaping everything I do. How could anyone object?

The next day, the same employee and Rhymes argued again, “during which time the rapper purchased a chocolate-flavored protein drink; accounts differ regarding whether the weapon involved was a Muscle Milk or Lean Body beverage.” Such vital information, Muscle Milk or Lean Body? Because product placement.

The employee asked Rhymes to leave. Rhymes “splashed water” at the employee, who did the same back. Next, Busta threw his protein drink at the employee. The cardboard bottle hit the employee in the back of the head and supposedly cut him. Umm…a cardboard cut. Okay. NY Daily News adds:

“Things got heated. Busta splashed water on him and the employee threw water back. Busta’s security got between them,” said Sean Aird, 23, a bodybuilder from Brooklyn. “The cops came and (the employee) kept changing his story.”

Another witness, an employee at the gym, confirmed that there had been bad blood between the two in the past.

“This has been going on for a long time,” the employee told The News.

The Red Hook-born “Gimme Some More” rapper was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree assault, cops said.

“He was provoked,” Aird told the Daily News. “Busta never had any physical contact with him whatsoever.”

Hmm…On the one hand, Busta ain’t a saint. On the other hand, maybe this employee’s looking for his payout. Probably not earning much at Steel Gym. $15 an hour and all the roids you want doesn’t cut it in this economy.

Busta busted out a few thoughts on the matter.

“It’s stupid,” Rhymes said after being released by a judge early Thursday.

“It’s ridiculous, it was literally a bottle of Muscle Milk,” a lawyer representing the musician said.

Sooo…it WAS Muscle Milk?

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