The Duggars are Broke and Want Your Money!

Well, the Duggars are broke now and they’re asking their seven remaining fans and other child-molester-enablers to donate cash. As it happens, I am also broke and could use cash. Additionally, I have neither molested a child nor enabled someone else to do so. Now, who are you gonna throw your cash at? Oh. Neither of us? Okay… okay.

Apparently, the Duggars were pretty reliant on that TLC money since they were rolling in $45,000 per episode and estimates state a loss of $25 million in future earnings. Ankle length denim skirts and solid color polos aren’t free, you know!

With the vast amount of working age children and adult children, you’d think they would just instate a little legal child labor… or illegal since that’s kind of their thing, but nooooo, the Duggars believe a woman shouldn’t have to work. Also, believe it or not, homeschool alone really doesn’t set you up for further career success unless that career is an M-R-S degree.

Is it just me or is the Duggar family slowly evolving into the Gypsy family TLC shows*? Maybe that guy with a baby something nickname can teach the men to asphalt, do a half-assed job, and then demand more than the quoted amount. (*I’m not sure how many there are, I just know they exist because one night I stayed in, ate 3 square feet of popcorn, and watched an entire 8 hour marathon on TLC.)

Okay, so a few money-making sources down. Man, too bad they didn’t see being broke after having 19 kids coming up to bite them in the ass! Having a lot of kids has never been a money drain for anyone; it’s the most responsible way to live your life! Because Jesus. 

Since Jesus isn’t dolling out the cash himself, the Duggars have been looking around at different funding. OK! magazine reported on their Duggar Studios YouTube page asking for donations, which has since been taken down. Apparently, the Duggars are still hoping to make some boss, “fresh content,” you know, like they used to, happy family moments, life lessons, and… oh yeah, those things were kind of ruined for them. Good thing they’re selling t-shirts.

Oh, and in related news, Josh Duggar recently had a fourth daughter, just what he needs, and one of their editors was arrested for ten felony counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a child. Yup, that sounds about right. I always wondered who’d take the job to work on that show and yup, yup that is who.

I shall leave you on this tweet from Twitterer Susie Meister, “The Duggars have begun asking for donations. A great way my family saves money is by not having dozens of children.”

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7 years ago

$45,000 an episode for 40 weeks a year (plus residuals for summer reruns) x 10. Do the math, all you people who are even thinking about sending them any money. Not to mention the money for personal appearances and endorsements plus what TLC paid for over and above what they got per episode. Maybe, instead of spending all his time posting on the internet, JimBob should spend that time getting a full time job. Michelle too. She’s not a mother to that brood or a homemaker. The kids do all that. She should have plenty of time to devote to… Read more »

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