Emile Hirsch Pleads Guilty to Choking Paramount Exec, 15 Days in Jail

Back in January at Sundance, Emile Hirsch got shitfaced, got belligerent with Paramount exec Daniele Bernfeld and started choking her for whatever reason. Before you say anything, the reason was not foreplay.

On Monday, Hirsch was fined $4,750, ordered to spend 15 days in jail and perform 50 hours of community service. Hirsch apologized to Bernfeld who believed Hirsch should have received a stricter punishment. She believed she was going to die that day.

According to court documents, Hirsch went up to Bernfeld around 3 in the morning at Tao Nightclub and asked her why she looked “so tough” and said she was a “rich kid” who shouldn’t be at Sundance. Bernfeld moved away to another table but Hirsch came from behind to put her in a chokehold. He then pulled her across the table onto the floor. Hirsch fell on top of her and put his hands around his neck. Bernfeld said she could feel the front and back of her throat touching and remembered things going dark.

Hirsch’s lawyer said he was so hammered he didn’t remember a thing. I’m not sure if that was his defense, but if it was, that never works. Just ask that nice policeman who punched me in the face.

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