Emily Ratajkowski Enjoys ‘Game of Thrones’ Naked

What’s your nighttime routine? Brushing your teeth and silently weeping at life passing you by? Not Emily Ratajkowski. She has a slightly different routine. She strips off all her clothes then jumps into bed to watch Game of Thrones. Yea, it’s a fantasy come to life. She tells Harper’s Bazaar:

I chug water and take off my makeup. I don’t sleep with clothes on, so I just get naked, get under the covers, put on Game of Thrones, and relax.

That is sexy, so sexy. I need to know one question…what’s her thread count?? In the very next breath, she shoots an arrow through a million hearts.

I’ll catch up with my boyfriend and maybe read.

…What. Is this one of those tricks where she reveals her boyfriend to be her dog? You know how those girls put up pics of their dogs and say, this is the only boyfriend for me, or something like that. *Checks Internet* Wait… *sighs* Guess it’s true. Guess I’ll come out from under her bed now.

(H/T Celebitchy)

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Love To Hate
Love To Hate
8 years ago

As long as I don’t have to look at that face.