Escalators in China Can’t Stop Eating People

This totally sounds like a bad B-movie. Except it’s real life and it’s not that funny. China has experienced a rash of escalator accidents in the past few weeks. It started off last Wednesday with one wayward escalator that swallowed a woman whole and ground her down to probably unrecognizable parts. Luckily, two nearby workers rescued her toddler before it swallowed the baby also.

As CNN also reports, another escalator went off the rails a couple of days before that:

Two days before that in the southwestern province of Guangxi, a toddler’s left hand and arm were caught in a gap of an escalator after he tripped and fell at the bottom, firefighters told local media. He suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured arm, and was hospitalized.

Crappy escalator…

And now, yes…and NOW, ANOTHER escalator flipped out and chomped down on some poor mall worker’s leg. The robot revolution has already started. These are the signs we’ve been warned about.

A Shanghai man’s lower leg has been amputated after becoming trapped in a mall escalator, the third serious escalator-related accident in China in a week.

…Video surveillance footage from Saturday evening shows him placing a cloth near the top of the escalator and stepping on it to clean the escalator equipment before one of the escalator’s metal floor panels give way, trapping his left lower leg.

Firefighters eventually rescued the man and he was sent to hospital where his leg was amputated from the calf down.

“When Escalators Attack”.

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk were onto something when they recently warned about killer robots. Robots always start off dopey, but they learn way faster than humans. In the future, every electronic device will be a threat. This means only one thing. All the hot women need to get with me before it’s too late.

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7 years ago

Someone died, and 2 people were severely injured. And your parting joke was “This means only one thing. All the hot women need to get with me before it’s too late.” Classy.