Internet Blows Up Mom for Breastfeeding Her Son and His Friend

I think one of my fondest memories of childhood is not being able to remember even a millisecond I spent breastfeeding. Praise the Internet that photo sharing was so archaic my mother would have never even thought to share a photo of the blessed event! Unfortunately for the son of Jessica Anne Colletti and another boy she looks after, they will never feel my blind ignorance to being the receiving end of the event.

Yes, two boys, two boys at once. Yes, that does sound very gross, but it is accurate. Colletti is facing backlash for this little pic of the two she tossed up online.

Mama Jessica’s wet-nursing story has created some sizeable waves over the last day or two! So I thought it would be…

Posted by Mama Bean – Unconditional Attachment on Monday, August 10, 2015

Since its posting, Facebook has been blowing up with heated arguments.

Now to boil it down, Camp Not Creepy’s main arguments include:

A. Natural

B. My (Insert Relative, Friend, Ancestors, or Self) did it, so it’s normal!

C. What a great way to boost immunity!

Camp Creepy’s points include:

A. “If breast feeding is so natural you should just do it and not stop in the middle of your “beautiful moment or bond with the child and just feed the child there’s nothing natural about taking a picture and uploading it on fb…. because I’m sure my ancestors didn’t do this.”

B. “I wonder how all these baby/toddlers are going to feel when they grow up looking at themselves knowing pic’s of them were “online” of them being breastfed… Geesh, Ain’t nothing private anymore?

And in the same comment C. “… And the toddler on the left looks like he can take in solids already for crying loud…” 

Finally, Camp the Writer of this Post:

A. Cool, whatever, it’s your life, but why do you feel like you even had to post this? And a freaking hashtag?! #MilkSiblings, it’s not a thing!  You know what else is a beautiful function of the human body? Pooping. I feel no need to share with the Internet the beauty of my bowel movements. It seems private. 

B. How would you like it if someone started posting pictures of you mid-awkward meal to Facebook? Yeah, we’re talking chowing down saucy wing face; it will be equivalently not cute.

Along those lines, C. OH MY GOD if the child is aware enough to really look into a camera, maybe stop taking pictures of it breastfeeding. Enjoy those related future therapy payments.

Those little toddler eyeballs looking back at the camera mid-toothy latch onto a shared boob situation; ugh, never in my life have I been so happy to be lactose intolerant and know my currently milk supply comes from coconuts. Bless you sweet coconuts; all the shape of the boob, none of the thought that a gap-y tooth grip had to release your milk – I shall drink you in peace.

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Bob Frapples
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