Jason Derulo — Drama Queen Forgets Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Give Special Treatment

Some celebs forget they actually don’t live in a bubble. That if you buy a $79 Southwest Airlines ticket, you probably aren’t gonna get first class treatment. Jason Derulo didn’t care. The guy went full-on diva mode trying to board a flight from Reno to L.A.

Before boarding, Derulo requested an escort because “TSA precheck was down”. What, seriously? The airline turned him down, but Derulo couldn’t accept this and called it “bullshit”. That’s when Derulo started an argument with an airline employee and forced his way onto the plane.

Jason Derulo and his crew were booted from a flight Saturday after he and his bodyguard got into it with an airport employee … eyewitnesses tell TMZ.

We’re told Derulo was traveling from Reno to L.A. when one of his bodyguards was denied preferred boarding … one eyewitness says he wanted TSA precheck but for some reason didn’t get it.

According to eyewitnesses, Derulo and his team got pissed and started shouting at an airport employee.

Our sources say Jason and crew boarded but soon thereafter airport cops came on board and removed them from the flight.

So, if TSA precheck was down, wouldn’t it be down for everyone? According to Derulo’s world, everyone should then get an escort to their plane. Derulo’s what people call in colloquial terms, an “asshole”. If Derulo got his escort, I’m sure the pregnant and elderly people they pass on their way to boarding wouldn’t mind at all.

Derulo booked his own private plane and of course, OF COURSE, went on Instagram to voice his displeasure. The guy also let everyone know he had to fire his travel agent as a result. Boo hoo. I’m sure Orbitz hates losing his business.

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