Kanye West Loves Sucking Kim Kardashian’s Swollen Pregnant Feet

Some women get really horny during their pregnancies. Guys, meanwhile, want it 24/7. Even when the girl’s pregnant. What’s better bonding than having a kid listen to their father grunt and make guttural noise during sex? It’s surprising babies aren’t born with PTSD.

Kanye’s no different. While Kim’s been away filming in St. Bart’s, Kanye’s been pining away and looking forward to sexy time with her when she returns.

“Once Kim returns home, it’s going down. It’s going to be a sex marathon,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “Kanye wants her badly and in the privacy of their home. He loves bumping and grinding with Kim when she’s pregnant.”

“Kanye wishes Kim could be pregnant all year long. They have the most adventurous and crazy sex when she’s pregnant.”

Slapping nasties as they say.

“He particularly loves the foreplay. He loves caressing her pregnant body with oils. He loves kissing her lips.”

…“But truth be told, Kanye has a thing for Kim’s swollen feet! He likes to suck on her toes and when he does that – it drives her wild!”

I wanna get FREAAAAKY with youuuu! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bump and grind. Let’s get this out of this way. Your girl’s gone for awhile. When she comes back, it’s just you, her and the red ball gag. Totally normal, Kanye’s horny for Kim, kudos.

Here’s the REAL story though. Who in the hell is this source?? There is a source, close enough to Kim and Kanye, that they know he sucks her toes and caresses her body with oils. WTH? Dude, get down from that ladder and stop peeping. We don’t need your r/eroticliterature stories that bad.

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4 years ago

Their marriage, their bedroom, their business. She has suckable looking toes. If a woman wants to be your wife, that woman has to be committed to keeping you just as happy.