Kendall and Kylie Sick of Being ‘Kardashians’

Well, rich teenagers will be rich teenagers and “Kardashian” is apparently too broad of an identifying brand for Kendall and Kylie and they want more. They want a ball, they want a party, pink macaroons and a million balloons and performing baboons! …No, no wait that’s Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. The similarities are staggering.

After trademarking their names together this spring, Kendall and Kylie™ are now rumored to be building their own brand, planning their own spinoff, and breaking off from their Keeping Up With The Kardashians roots. Clearly, they do not count themselves thankful for their humble beginnings, Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Interesting that Kylie made a big deal about leaving the public eye, but dates an internationally known rapper and now wants well, not that. Teenagers, am I right?

A Radar Online source close to the sisters explains:

“Kendall and Kylie have both wanted out of KUWTK for quite some time now and they are starting to realize their power because people are focusing on the two of them more than ever before,” says the source.

“They know that they are hot right now and that is why they are constantly together.”

However, despite recent reports that Kylie wants to leave the public eye to have a more private life, the source insists that it not the case at all. In fact, “Kylie does not want to ever leave television, but she does want to separate herself from the current storyline of the show,” the source said.

The quote “They know that they are hot right now and that is why they are constantly together” makes me want to puke. Just the worst. I hate everything about everything.

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