My Ex-friend is a… Wore?

Hey, did you hear about that girl in Stamford, Connecticut who vandalized her former boyfriend’s and friend’s car in a horribly embarrassing way?

Apparently, 20-year-old Shannon Csapilla thought that her bae and bestie were bumping uglies, so she did what any stereotypical rom-com girlfriend would do: She keyed the s**t out of their cars. Only, when she meant to call her former friend out for being a “whore”, she accidentally forgot how to be smart and wrote “wore”. She decided she liked being stupid so she kept at it.

Csapilla¬†then admitted through text and word of mouth to her ex that she was responsible for the damage. Now on a roll, when she was brought into the police station, she denied everything and Snapchatted a pic of the station saying, “Stamford police have nothing on me”. Too bad for her, police Lieutenant Dietrich Hohn verified that they had obtained enough evidence to take her into custody at her home. Also, how badly did you want him to be Lieutenant Dan? Csapilla ended up being charged with two counts of first degree “criminal mischief”, which will add a playful flare to her new online dating profile. Get back out there, girl! Just make sure to use spell check.

(H/T Death and Taxes)

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