Lenny Kravitz Pants Rip, Penis Makes Guest Appearance

Preface: This post is gonna get a little NSFW at the bottom so don’t scroll down all the way at work if your office isn’t into accidental genitalia, okay? Great..Also, maybe don’t play the video, I mean, unless you hate your job and are looking to get fired, then go for it, Slugger!

Lenny Kravitz annihilates his pants on stage and honestly I am so stupefied by his level of cool, if the ripping wouldn’t have been spelled out for me, I would have never known it happened. New life goal: be so cool people don’t notice embarrassing things I do… like, walk directly into walls… sober.

Splitting your pants is pretty bad on it’s own but, woof, this is a complete destruction with additional prize. I would akin the event to opening a kinder egg and having the toys fall out, except these were pants and the surprise inside is Lenny’s uncovered family jewels. Yup, Kravitz is a commando kind of guy; are you surprised? Look at those leather huggers.

The event happened in Stockholm so, basically the chillest place in the world to accidentally flash someone your genitals and then maybe go pick up a celebratory furniture store (meat)ball.

Luckily, Kravitz was able to sneak offstage and get a new pair of pants and apologized with some humor to his Gröna Lund theme park audience.

Alright, what you’ve been wondering: what does Lenny Kravitz’ manhood look like? Pretty penis-y and normal. I will never be cool enough to be a Lenny Kravitz backup dancer/singer, freaking damnit.

It looks like this [Update: Kravitz’s lawyers don’t want his dong on the internet, so they made us take it down. Twitter is your friend though [link NSFW].

Yes it looks like that.

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