Let’s Experience This Awkward Fantastic ‘Four’ Interview Together

I have been warned this interview is about to make me feel so uncomfortable. Unlucky for this interview, I love uncomfortable humor.

Going into it, I will say I just read the interview was with a Michael, and not knowing the Fantastic Four cast, assumed it was Cera. Nope, the clip is with Michael B. Jordan, who is one B too much for basketball (but, very handsome!), and Kate Mara being interviewed by shock jock Southside Steve out of Atlanta. Apparently, Steve has very little social skills. Let’s take a look.

First off, was this video shot on a potato?! There is quality lighting set up and this is about the quality of an LG enV phone camera. Ugh, video nerd rage!

Welp, there we go. “You’re brother and sister? Am I missing something? You’re white and you’re black.” Great observation skills, Steve. Good to know the idea of interracial siblings can still stump a few people in Georgia; suspicions confirmed. Oh yes, Steve, keep talking about this, “But how does that happen? You’re brother and sister,” adding, “There has to be some kind of adoption thing going on.” Yes, adoption things with the paperwork, and no parents, and stuff. He additionally blames his confusion on the original backstory, so this could also be just a little bit of nerd confusion, but I’m guessing it isn’t.

Alright, Steve, you have now managed to harp on a topic not pertinent to the plot and obviously decided on by a slew of directors unrelated to these three actors, who haven’t even seen the movie, it’s time to move on.

Ahh great a new topic: “Why do another one?” Well, my guess is that each of those three people made a boatload of money and they don’t care why the studio decided to create another film, only that they are currently about to see some sweet, sweet residuals.

Oh, got it, this guy is just a nerd. I should have picked up on that from his center-parted low ponytail. That’s right, nerd, even on the enV-style video I can tell that haircut! Seems about right, he’s now ragging on Kate Mara for her pixie haircut. Those who live in glass houses probably shouldn’t start throwing stones.

Oh, thank god, I see a producer or someone making the wrap it up sign behind the actors. OH GOD WHY. Yup this guy just admitted he’s not being creepy about Mara’s haircut, HE’S A TOE GUY.

fin. (I need a drink)

(Image: Courtesy of Buzzfeed)

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