Man Garden Shears His Wife’s Lover’s Junk Off

A Japanese college student, with the garden shears in, the law office.

Being cheated on is horrible, it takes a special kind of cheat-ee to follow through with the deranged thoughts you have after finding out your significant other is the worst person in the world.

Ikki Kotsugai followed through with his anger-fueled plans by grabbing his garden shears and showing up at a Tokyo law office to confront the attorney who was allegedly banging his wife who is a clerk at the same office.

It started with some innocent punching of the face, or what would be innocent if he weren’t a boxer, oops! After knocking the daylights out of the lawyer (really the worst kind of person you could knock out) Kotsugai unzipped his pants and garden sheared his penis clean off. What do you do when you find yourself with a disgusting, bloody, severed penis? Flush it down the toilet, OBVIOUSLY.

Shortly afterwards, Kotsugai was arrested for his attack. Lesson of the day, if your wife is cheating on you with a lawyer, really the only retaliation you have is to hire a better lawyer than the one she is screwing. You will probably not get very far flushing his genitals.

(H/T Death and Taxes)

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