Mel Gibson Hasn’t Lost His Charm, Calls Woman Photographer a ‘Cunt’

Well, at least Mel Gibson didn’t break out the racism this time. Gibson attended the Australian Israeli Film Festival in Australia. That’s already very ironic. Kristi Miller, a Daily Telegraph photographer, got too close for Gibson’s comfort. That’s when Gibson reverted to his misogynistic ways.

“He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c**t. It was non-stop, he didn’t even breathe.”

Gibson complained that she had invaded his, and new girlfriend, Rosalind Ross’ space. Gibson also allegedly got physical.

“I took a photo of Mel and his girlfriend and when I turned around he shoved my back really hard,” Miller explained. “It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know if it was his hands or elbow.”

“It was only when (Ross) grabbed his shoulder and said, ‘that is enough’ that he stopped. She said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’. They turned and crossed the road and walked off.”

Douche. Yet, still able to land women twenty-five years younger.

Rosalind Ross is a 24-year-old champion equestrian vaulter – quite a generational gap from the 59-year-old Gibson – and burgeoning screenwriter.

I’ve never heard of equestrian vaulting before. Here’s what it, and Ross, look like:

A great reminder that horses will eventually kill us in our sleep as payback. Reminds me of SNL contributor Sarah Beattie’s tweet.

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