Michael Keaton’s Cut SNL Sketch An Adult Look at ‘Blue’s Clues’

Dark humor, never seen SNL sketch, prepare yourself people who already chuckled and know there is a warm cozy bed in hell with your name on it.

Michael Keaton delivers a Blue’s Clues-style production that looks through the lenses of realism. Remember Steve being a grown man in a house full of animated inanimate objects? This delves into what that would really be like, looking at the show through the eyes of an adult who has to pay for friends, has no job, and subsequently falls behind on his bills. AKA Steve. Hmm and sex, adults have sex… what would that have been like for our good friend Steve?! Keaton tackles that too.  The sketch was originally supposed to air during Keaton’s April episode but was cut for time. Thank goodness for the Internet.

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