Soundcloud — Home of EDM Remixes and Neo-Nazi Murder Confessions

Wonder what playlist this will be filed under. ‘Music that kills’? For some reason, a recorded telephone call was uploaded to Soundcloud in which one participant confessed to a hate crime murder. REMIIIX! Via Daily Dot:

Recordings of two telephone conversations in October 2014, reportedly between National Alliance member Kevin Alfred Strom and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Frazier Glenn Miller, were uploaded on Monday to extremist forum Vanguard News Network. During the calls, Miller confesses to a race-based murder, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The uploader, Alex Linder, who owns Vanguard News Network, never explained the reason for their upload. Perhaps he developed a conscience. Or maybe it was one of those ‘oopsies!’ moments.

Some needed background on accused killer, Miller, from the Kansas City Star.

The 74-year-old Missouri man, who is accused of killing three Christians outside Jewish centers in Overland Park last year, is representing himself in what will be Johnson County’s first capital trial in more than a decade.

Even before Wednesday’s hearing got underway, Miller, a self-described anti-Semite, was removed temporarily from the courtroom after he reacted angrily to a deputy telling him not to give the Nazi stiff-armed salute to people in the gallery.

Johnson County is located in Kansas. Is that a hotbed of KKK action? On the tape, Miller confesses to the shooting. He says “Why did I do it? Because my conscience compelled me to kill Jews…And I feel perfectly justified.” Also he added:

“My biggest fear is that I would die before I killed Jews.”

Except he didn’t kill any Jews. All his victims were non-Jews who just happened to be at the Jewish center he shot up.

He blames the victims for having been at a Jewish institution and being “accomplices of the Jews … they are our enemies.” Miller adds that if whites are going to help Jews or interact with Jews, “They are going to have to face the consequences.”

He also states that after the killings he had “never felt such exhilaration. It was overpowering.”

Overpowering. Guns. Small penis. The end. That should be the defense’s argument. “Members of the jury, if my client hadn’t been born with a micropenis, he wouldn’t have felt the need to grab a gun and shoot another person. The real crime is THIS!” Then pull down Miller’s pants and point at his button penis.

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